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The Periodontal Disease – Diabetes Connection | Dentist in South Miami

If you have questions or concerns about your risk of periodontal disease with diabetes, contact SoFlo Dental for more information. Nearly 30 million Americans suffer from diabetes, a condition that brings various health complications beyond blood sugar control. Recent studies have suggested a two-way connection between diabetes and periodontal (gum) disease. Patients with gum disease have an increased risk of other diabetic complications, and patients with diabetes are more prone to developing gum disease.

The Link Between Diabetes and Gum Disease

Gum disease causes inflammation in the body, making blood sugar control more difficult for diabetic patients. Severe periodontal disease has even been shown to raise blood sugar levels, increasing the risk of additional diabetic complications.

Increased Infection Risk

Diabetic patients are generally more prone to infections, particularly those whose diabetes is not well-controlled. Poor blood sugar control makes diabetic patients more likely to develop gum disease, experience more severe cases, and lose more teeth due to gum disease.

Additional Oral Health Issues

Diabetes increases the risk of other oral health issues, such as dry mouth or thrush (a fungal infection of the mouth). Reduced saliva production or oral infections can further elevate the risk of developing periodontal disease.

The Impact of Smoking

Smoking can significantly escalate these risks. Studies have shown that smokers are five times more likely than non-smokers to develop gum disease. Diabetic smokers aged 45 or older are 20 times more likely to develop severe gum disease.

Managing Risks with Controlled Diabetes

Fortunately, when diabetes and blood sugar levels are well-controlled, the risks of periodontal disease and other oral health complications are comparable to those of patients without diabetes.

Communicating with Your Dentist

Be sure to inform SoFlo Dental if you have diabetes and how well-controlled it is. We may need to discuss your medication schedule when planning treatments or postpone a procedure if your blood sugar is not well-controlled. Keep in mind that healing from dental treatments can take longer for diabetic patients, even when blood sugar is well-managed.

For more information and personalized care, contact SoFlo Dental, your trusted Dentist in South Miami. We are here to help you maintain optimal oral health, especially if you are managing diabetes.

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