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Dental Bridges

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Bridging the Gap in Your Smile

Dr. Nhora Ortega and Dr. Esteban Parada are here to boost your confidence with dental bridges in Miami, Florida. Our skilled dentists can create a flawless fit to seamlessly conceal missing spots in your smile. Schedule a consultation today at 786-296-0004 to visit us at SoFlo Implantology & Cosmetic Dentistry. We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you!

If you are missing one or multiple teeth in a row, our dental bridges offer an excellent solution to restore your smile. A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration, ensuring it remains firmly in place. The bridge is secured by two dental crowns, custom-made to match your smile, and placed on the teeth or dental implants adjacent to the gap left by the missing tooth. These crowns anchor the artificial tooth, restoring your smile’s appearance and preventing any shifting or looseness. Crafting a dental bridge typically requires only two visits to our practice. Designed for longevity, dental bridges restore your smile’s function, beauty, and health.

Our dentists may recommend a dental bridge for various reasons, including:

  • Restoring normal speech, eating, and chewing abilities
  • Alleviating excessive stress on your bite
  • Enhancing your facial shape and volume
  • Replacing unwanted removable partial dentures
  • Maintaining the position of your remaining natural teeth
  • Enhancing the overall appearance of your smile

Allow us to guide you in deciding whether a custom dental bridge is the ideal choice for restoring your smile after tooth loss. For more details, please reach out to us by calling or visiting our practice today.